Monday, April 18, 2016
Marc Mitalski, PE, SE
The Dean F. and Avis E. Hilfinger Faculty Fellowship in Architecture
Lecture: Monday, April 18, 2016
5:30 p.m. - Lawrence J. Plym Auditorium, Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
Dean F. and Avis E. Hilfinger sponsored lecture
Lecture Title: "Structures Exposed to Extraordinary Conditions"

Extraordinary events arise from extraordinary service or environmental conditions that traditionally are not considered explicitly in design of ordinary buildings and structures. Such events are characterized by a low probability of occurrence and usually short duration. Few buildings are ever exposed to such events. Included in the category of extraordinary events would be fire, explosions of volatile liquids or natural gas in building service systems, sabotage, vehicular impact, misuse by building occupants, subsidence of subsoil, and tornadoes. 

The Hilfinger Lecture will focus on gathering information, evaluation methods, objective conclusions & reporting, human factors following extraordinary events.  Featured case study, developed for this lecture, will include the November, 2013 Gifford Tornado.


As the President and Director of Structural Engineering & Education at PREPA.R.E. Inc. (PREPARE), it is Mr. Mitalski’s responsibility to focus the company’s resources to achieving our goals and maintaining PREPARE’s core mission:  “Bettering the Built Environment for Everyone”. Mr. Mitalski’s / PREPARE’s ideology echoes the primary objective of The Dean F. and Avis E. Hilfinger Faculty Fellowship:

“The Hilfinger Fellow should be an individual who has an interest in architectural education with an emphasis on structures of buildings and who would bridge practice and education. The individual [Hilfinger Fellow] is also interested in combining teaching with practice”

Bridging Practice and Education as an Educator

In 2002 Mr. Mitalski founded PREPARE to “prep” candidates for the Structural Systems portion(s) of the Architect Registration Exam (A.R.E.). PREPARE’s professional education services continue to be well received nationally and internationally (i.e., Canada, China, Great Britain, and Puerto Rico) by the future architects of the world demonstrating his national reputation as a top educator in the architecture profession.

In 2004 Mr. Mitalski was named The Dean F. and Avis E. Hilfinger Faculty Fellow in Architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) School of Architecture and remained part of the UIUC School of Architecture community as a Visiting Assistant Professor through 2011.   Mr. Mitalski’s teaching responsibilities included the instruction of primarily graduate level courses focused on the integration of structure in architecture and the advanced design and detailing of materials (i.e. wood, masonry, steel, seismic).

Mr. Mitalski’s current interests include the use of technology for blended learning environments to:   a) better deliver content, b) encourage student interaction / participation, and c) improve student learning / retention of material.  Mr. Mitalski’s significant contribution to the blended learning environment is the design, development, and implementation of PREPARE’s patent pending software EQuALS™ (Exam Question and Answer Learning System™).  EQuALS™ is robust system to store and deliver content coupled with a professional, engaging student interface and behind the scenes analytics.

Bridging Practice and Education as a Design Professional

Having been employed and mentored by some great structural engineers early in his professional career and currently maintaining a small architecture and engineering firm allows Mr. Mitalski to bring the experiences of professional practice back to the classroom.

Other Fun Facts

·         Mr. Mitalski is 1994 graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where he received a Bachelor of Science in Advanced Technical Studies in Architecture and a 1997 Graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign School of Architecture where he received a Master of Architecture [Structure Option]. 

·         Mr. Mitalski is a Licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois & Nebraska and a Registered Professional Engineer, Civil, in the State of Washington.

·         Mr. Mitalski and his spouse, Dr. Nancy Johnston reside in Zionsville, Indiana with their three children (Marjorie, 14; Claire, 12, and Maximilian, 8).

·         Mr. Mitalski is the President Elect for the Rotary Club of Zionsville.

·         Mr. Mitalski holds a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do.

·         Mr. Mitalski completed the Brownsburg, Indiana Certified Reserve Police Academy in October, 2015 and is a Reserve Deputy Sheriff serving Boone County, Indiana.